How to change the port direction

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How to change the port direction

Postby King » 03 July 2017, 04:00

There are 2 input ports(1,2) and 2 output ports(3,4).Is there any way to put 1,3 in one side, and 2,4 in another side?
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Re: How to change the port direction

Postby jasper » 03 July 2017, 13:00

Your question is missing a lot of information. Which unit operation, which PME, etc.

Trying to answer in the most generic way: the graphical display of CAPE-OPEN unit operations is not part of the standard. Each PME is free to display the unit operation in its own way. So the icon (if any) attached to the unit operation, the location of connections etc, are all up to the PME to decide. Some PMEs are rather flexible about this, others are not.
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