Simulation of Methanol Synthesis loop

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Simulation of Methanol Synthesis loop

Postby arvind.prasad » 16 November 2017, 09:59

Dear Jasper, I am trying to simulate a Methanol Synthesis flowsheet. The flowsheet is attached. The author of the article has used RK EOS for simulation. When he cools stream 4 at 874 K and 74 atm to 311.1 and 74 atm, he gets a vapor phase( I presume). But in COFE, i get a two phase stream. If I fix the heat exchanger outlet temperature to 325 K I get vapor phase.

Arvind Prasad
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Re: Simulation of Methanol Synthesis loop

Postby jasper » 17 November 2017, 07:08

The dew point temperature is at 324.45

If at a lower temperature you compare the vapor and liquid fugacities, you can see the flash answer is correct (that is to say - these phases can coexist but there is no guarantee by TEA that this is a stable equilibrium - more phases might be possible).

It may be that the article you are referring to had different compositions, different compound properties, different binary interaction parameters, ...
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