June 11, 2018 conference call

June 11, 2018 conference call

Postby colancto » 12 June 2018, 08:00

The Thermo Special Interest Group went on with developing examples on how to compute the corrective term within a Chemical Reaction Package so that it may be handed over to the Reactor Unit Operation in order to write there a heat balance that takes properly into account any differences in reference between the Chemical Reaction Package and the Property Package.

Assuming that the Chemical Reaction Package holds a value for the heat of reaction at given conditions, the Chemical Reaction Package interrogates the Property Package so that the corrective term, necessary to represent any gap between that heat of reaction (maybe obtained from experimental data) and the heat of reaction that could be derived from heats of formation of individual compounds as present in the Property Package, is properly computed. It is this sequence of steps that has been numerically assessed before attempting to outline the process in the document describing the interface specification for Chemical Reactions.
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