COCO 3.7 released

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COCO 3.7 released

Postby jasper » 24 September 2023, 13:39

We are happy to announce release 3.7 of COCO. Since 3.6, the following improvements were made:

Redesign of the Unit Operation edit dialog, including connected stream table,
Additional mass balance diagnostics at flowsheet solution,
Resizable main window for the JUIcE icon editor,
Improved formula parser,
Alternate row colouring in in-flowsheet tables,
Customized representation of absent compounds instream reports and flowsheet report,
Several work flow improvements

For a full list of changes, please visit the COCO web site. COCO 3.7 is available for download from the COCO web site, or run COCO UPdate (CUP) to receive the update.
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