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ternary add in

Postby aken » 09 January 2019, 06:46

I am trying to construct a ternary plot, but the plot is not giving me the phase envelope, tie lines and detected azeotropes. l go to ternary add in and choose phase envelope, but does not give me the option to select composition on property. I thought in ternary plot we hold temperature and pressure constant and then plot composition of 3 components, l stand to be corrected. l want to come up with something similar to the one attached, how do l go about it. also l notice there is know decanter unit operation on coco, is there a way to design it on coco? thank you
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Re: ternary add in

Postby jasper » 09 January 2019, 09:28

TERNYP is a demonstration software for the flowsheet monitoring concept. It does 3D plots of property surfaces and it does distillation curves.

It does not do phase boundary tracking.

I can provide you with a sample script that does VL phase boundary tracking in Matlab - are you running Matlab?

The ternary plot should from there be straight forward and the tie lines are just straight lines between two points that are in phase equilibrium with each other.
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