reactor with external heating

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reactor with external heating

Postby aken » 12 February 2019, 07:48

is COCO capable of handling design of reactor shown in attachment. i say so because
1. COCO by default assumes the coolant/ heating medium flows inside tubes, in this case assumption is reactants/products flow inside tubes
2. we are given the temperature of the heating gas and U overall heat transfer coefficient, but COCO only accepts Q, ie heat added.

is there any trick to approach such a problem, its an example from aspen.
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Re: reactor with external heating

Postby jasper » 12 February 2019, 08:20

If the quesion is about the temperature profile, this is not an issue. A 1000 reactor tubes of given diameter with external coolant have the same temperature profile as a single reactor tube. Just divide the flow rate by 1000. Use specified ambient temperature to cool the reactor.

If you would want to use that in a flowsheet it becomes slightly more complicated as you would need a 1000 of those reactors. If pressure drop is negligible you could of course just multiply the heat transfer coefficient by 1000 to simulate that case.
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